We are looking for the best fintech startups in the world to help us provide memorable experiences to our customers through all channels.

Programa 01

Apply to our program only if:

Our program is aimed at helping your startup show value for our clients and that way you can become a bank supplier.

We offer

Programa 05
We invest in benefits and services for your startup (for an equivalent value of up to USD25,000) to carry out the necessary activities that show your value proposition in the Bank.
Programa 04
Lean Startup management, because we will assign a Project Lead Ecosystem, who:
  • Will ensure that your solution is scalable (Bank Compliance).
  • Coordinate and give advice from Operational Risk, Cybersecurity and Technological Architecture.

Our help us Bci Labs

Programa 06
We facilitate the approach to potential clients.
Programa 07
We help align your value proposition strategically with the business objectives and with the internal processes of the bank.
Programa 08
We grant financial financing through services so you can show the value of your product.
Programa 09
We accompany in the process of design, validation and implementation of the integration of your product to the bank.

The stages of our program

Once you have entered the Fintech Program, you will go through several stages. You must be prepared, since the process will be intense, but at Bci Labs we will help you in everything.

Step 01



You have been selected to enter the Fintech program Congratulations. One of our Project Lead Ecosystem will support you throughout the process. You will have a formal meeting with her (him) to tell you the details that will come from here on.


Design of experiments

Together with your Project Lead Ecosystem you will participate in a Design and Customer Development process to obtain a prototype of the integration that can be validated with our customers.

Step 02
Step 03


Collection of information

In this stage we accompany you obtaining real evidence of the results, in order to evaluate the capacity of your product to scale within the bank.


Analysis of results

With your sponsor within the bank and your Project Lead Ecosystem, you will work on analyzing the results and obtaining lessons from them.

Step 04
Step 05


Design of the integration with Bci

Your Project Lead Ecosystem will support you in fulfilling the requirements to make the real integration with the bank.


Development of integration

For this we will use agile development methodologies.

Step 06
Step 07


Analysis of results of the pilot stage


Graduation Program Fintech

If everything went well, you can scale your solution and become a new formal supplier of the bank.

Step 08

Are you convinced?